The Challenge:

In the fast-paced world of AI and startup innovation, first impressions matter. When IDI approached me with their website, it was clear that a major overhaul was needed. Their existing site was cluttered, with content that lacked clarity and focus. Visitors couldn't grasp the essence of IDI’s groundbreaking AI capabilities, and potential investors were left puzzled rather than impressed. The task at hand was to transform this digital labyrinth into a sleek, intuitive, and informative portal that not only showcased IDI’s innovative products but also captivated the interest of future stakeholders.
The Solution:

Working closely with the product manager and content team, we restructured the site, created clear product pages for IDI's main offerings, and revamped the content to be more engaging. We also added interactive elements like sign-up pop-ups and a prominent call-to-action button for product trials.

The first step was restructuring the site’s architecture. We streamlined the navigation, ensuring that each section had a clear purpose and path. To better convey IDI’s offerings, we created dedicated pages for their two main products, each spotlighting the unique value proposition and benefits.

The content was a critical component. We revamped every page, ensuring that the information was not only comprehensive but also engaging and easy to understand. Visual storytelling became a key element; updated photos of the team added a personal touch, while clear, concise copy made complex AI concepts accessible.
The Result:

The new design transformed the website into a modern, user-friendly platform that effectively communicates IDI's mission and capabilities. This redesign significantly improved user engagement and investor interest.
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