The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is a premier event in the tech industry, drawing the startup world to Israel for an entire week. It stands as the largest investor event in the Middle East, where industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors gather to network, share insights, and explore the future of technology.

For this prestigious event, I was tasked with designing a comprehensive web page to facilitate remote access to live-streamed sessions. The challenge was to ensure that only registered users could access the live broadcasts, which required creating an engaging registration process. To build anticipation, a teaser page with a countdown clock was launched two weeks before the Summit, capturing interest and driving early sign-ups.
OurCrowd's global network of investors and startups often means that not everyone can attend the Summit in person. The goal was to create an inclusive and engaging virtual experience that made remote participants feel like integral, active parts of the event. The live-stream page featured a dynamic schedule, allowing users to see which sessions were currently live, who the speakers were, and the topics being discussed. Additionally, a live chat feature was implemented, enabling real-time communication among viewers and providing instant information.

This project required meticulous planning and execution to ensure a seamless and engaging virtual experience. By integrating interactive elements and providing a clear, user-friendly interface, we succeeded in making remote attendees feel connected and involved, despite the physical distance.

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